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About the Founder

Marc M. Harris graduated from North Carolina Wesleyan College with a 4.0 average at the age of 18. Shortly thereafter, while still only 18, he passed his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and is believed to be the youngest person in the United States to accomplish this. He went on to Columbia University for his MBA with a concentration in Investment Finance.

After completing his formal education, Mr. Harris set out to apply himself in the business world. He found it difficult to secure a professional position because of his age and when he finally did, he found himself unable to realize his full potential. On December 2, 1985, with little more than pocket change, young Mr. Harris started his own company.

After substantial changes in the American tax law in 1986, Mr. Harris refocussed the firm's strategy in favor of international tax planning and legitimate methods for Americans to take advantage of offshore tax havens. In order to better service his growing international clientele, he relocated the center of operations to Panama. Today, with over 150 employees, The Firm of Marc M. Harris, Inc. has become the largest independent provider of quality international financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mr. Harris has not only built his company, but has personally received many awards which include the key to the city of Miami Beach and Most Distinguished Alumni at North Carolina Wesleyan College. He has established a personal foundation that contributes to Panamanian society by funding nutritional projects and helping needy families in the community. He is a much sought-after speaker on international financial planning and gives seminars throughout the world. Mr. Harris has assisted in drafting new financial services legislation for several Latin American countries and is a contributor to various financial journals and newsletters on a regular basis.

About Panama

Panama is a country that has been discovered by the financial giants of the world. Most people are astounded when they find out that there are more than 140 international banks in the city of Panama. How many international banks do you have in your city? Panama has the most favorable commercial secrecy laws in the world. These ensure a client's privacy when dealing with The Firm of Marc M. Harris, Inc. There have been legal changes in the Caribbean and Europe which have caused a loss of banking privacy. Because of this, Panama is rapidly becoming the number one offshore financial center of the world. Panama is known as the "Bridge of the Americas" and "Crossroads of the World." It has become the prime location for financial migration between the two continents and the two oceans.

Panama has several other interesting attributes which make it the most attractive financial center for Americans.

The Firm of Marc M. Harris, Inc. has used these advantages to become the largest independent provider of quality international financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Marc M. Harris Advantage

The Firm of Marc M. Harris, Inc. is run by Americans, for Americans, specializing in American needs. All work is done by The Firm's experienced in-house accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, investment bankers, brokers and administrators. Panama is a jurisdiction that imposes severe civil and criminal penalties for disclosure of confidential information; therefore your privacy is secured. In your own country, your advisor can often be your greatest liability.

The timing in asset protection and financial planning is everything. You can't purchase fire insurance while the building is on fire. An attack on your assets can come from any direction at any time, i.e., law suits, tax increases, currency crashes, etc.

The Firm of Marc M. Harris, Inc. opens a whole new world of business and financial opportunities for its clients. We can improve your financial profile and make you a world-class investor.

The Harris Organisation is a diversified financial services institution providing individual and corporate clients with a broad range of international structures in the financial and asset protection areas and investment opportunities throughout the world.

As a full-service provider of international financial planning, we offer our clients the following specialized services:

The holding company for The Harris Organisation is located in the British Virgin Islands and has a paid-in capital in excess of US $10 million. The Harris Organisation currently has a staff of over 150 qualified professionals servicing its international clientele.

For more information, please write to:

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Or fax +507 263-6964, marking your fax "Attn: Traditional Client Services."

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Initial contact by telephone is not recommended, so that your question may be directed to the person on the staff best able to handle it. The more information you can provide about your needs on your initial inquiry will make it easier to give you precisely the information you need.